Packaging & the Pacific Gyre

Where image is considered everything, packaging has become a pretty big deal for both marketers and consumers alike. And when the packaging is out of sight, it’s easy to put it out of mind. But below is why we need to dispose of packaging in a responsible way.

It’s a discovery dating back to four years ago, but I seemed to have only stumbled over this Perhaps it’s because I’m more open to it, having become more socially conscious myself in the last year (having a vegetarian partner will do that).

That discovery was the Pacific Gyre, or the Great Pacific Garbage Patch: a swirling collection of plastic and debris some area the tenth the size of the entire Pacific Ocean, twice the size of Texas. Debris from East Asia would take a year to get there. From America, it takes five. Out of sight, so perhaps out of mind, a long way from our Great Barrier Reef, worth thousands and thousands of tourist dollars to us every year.

What got me is the fact that it can’t be cleaned up in a hurry. The sheer size of it means that any clean up project would bankrupt any country.  Plus, there’s more than one.

Check this out. It’s pretty devastating, and I don’t write about it to be morbid, but rather create a little more awareness about it. After all, good planets are hard to find.


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